Biased sports post of the week

1) Go Buffs!! 42-0 Win over the feared Miami of Ohio (ok, not so feared, but winning games in general is a good start).

2) What the hell is wrong with college football this year??? Kentucky is number 15, Missouri is number 20, and South Florida is 18, while Michigan and Notre Dame are nowhere to be found!! How could this happen???????????

3) What is wrong with LT???? 62 yards and no TDs this week? I can't keep hoping that McNabb is going to carry my fantasy team!!!

4) How in the hell did NY get to be 1.5 games out in the east?!?! This should not be happening.

5) The Rockies are on an 8 game winning streak, but are still 4 games out of first, and 1.5 out of the wild card. Keep it going Rocks!

Mood : annoyed