Reasons not to be an early adopter

Reason one: The iPod Touch an iPhone that does everything except actually being a phone. You can still use wifi to connect to the internet and browse around and check your email, it has the same touch screen, and works as an iPod. Oh yeah, it costs $300 less than I paid for my iPhone.

Reason two: Apple just dropped the price by $200 on the regular iPhone. Typically, they'll adjust prices for two weeks. I think I've had mine for around 6 weeks now. That's some serious depreciation.

I'm seriously pissed.


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2 thoughts on “Reasons not to be an early adopter”

  1. Actually, one important thing about the iPod Touch, it doesn't have an email client on it. You can check email via the web browser, but not with a real email program.

  2. Rumors says iPod Touch will be able to run all the programs for iPhone including the email client? I'm a little tempted but I think I should save every penny I have to buy myself a new macbook pro. The broken display made my powerbook a desktop now.... I can't stand not having a laptop any longer....

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