San Diego, post-flight no.1

So, today is day 2 of the San Diego adventure.  Day zero saw us get our many bags to the bus and head off to Boston.  Many thanks to Tim for letting us borrow Truckzilla, and Nick and Courtney for helping move all our crap.

Day One was our big adventure in a city... it is apparent that I've lived in not-cities for a while.  There were problems with getting into the apartment, but we've managed to locate Ikea and thus at least have a lot of stuff to move into it whenever we can.  Hopefully soon.
Meanwhile, Karli's brother Todd and his wife Ara were driving what was to become our car (her parent's old car)  down from Portland, OR.  If that doesn't seem like a long trip, I think it's equivalent to driving from NYC to Wyoming.  I made that up but I think it's about right.  Alas, the car trouble issue is contagious, as "Little Green" (the car) blew a fan belt just south of Berkeley, so instead of arriving two nights ago, they arrived late last night (only to have to fly out this evening.)  And, sometime next week K and I will have to fly up to SF and then drive the (hopefully fully repaired?) car back down.

Hope the Upper Valley's doing ok.  Make sure to properly indoctrinate the newbies.  Looks like my defense will be +/- October late-teenth, so maybe that's a good time for October 'staches?   Photos will follow soon.


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