Good/Bad Scheduling

First, the good: please, for the love of all things holy, watch some baseball today! Even if you normally don't care about these things, today is the last day of the regular season, with four teams fighting for two playoff spots, separated by one game in the standings. The Mets and Phillies are tied for the division lead, with the division loser fighting for the wild card (both teams are tied with the Rockies, and all three are one game back of San Diego).

Here's the summary.

Now, the bad: of all the football games to show in the early game, what does CBS choose for the San Diego market? Oakland vs Miami, a really ugly game between two sucky team that nobody cares about. Oh well, that's another three hours of my life saved (so I can work more on thesis writing).

P.S. does anybody know of a good San Diego sports bar where I can watch MNF?


browsing by category

When I display posts by category on soapbox (for example to look at all the posts in the POTW category at once), it doesn't display the images. I guess maybe you set it up that way for a good reason, but it seems like it would be useful to see the images when browsing previous posts? I wondered if that could be changed maybe?

From my research it seems to be that the wordpress "theme has an archive.php or category.php that is using the_excerpt in The_Loop instead of the_content." [1]


Crossover television

I watched "The Bionic Woman" last night. Decent show, marginally ok acting, not sure if it will last or not. However, this post isn't about that show, but rather "Battlestar Galactica".

The reason why I bring up last night's show is that a huge number of Battlestar actors are on the Bionic Woman. Starbuck plays the evil Bionic Woman. Chief Tyrol played the part of a prison guard. The lawyer who defended Baltar is an evil scientist. I'm sure that if I had been watching more closely I would have noticed more people too.

It raises a bunch of questions that I have no answers to:
Did they want to have Katee Sackhoff for the show and ended up having to hire a bunch of her friends to sweeten the deal?
Is it just the same production company who does both shows and they tend to use the same actors? (I think this is probably the reason why 30 Rock has so many SNL people.)
Is this actor poaching issue the reason why we have to wait until 2008 for the next season of Battlestar?


Biased sports post of the week

1) Go Buffs!! 42-0 Win over the feared Miami of Ohio (ok, not so feared, but winning games in general is a good start).

2) What the hell is wrong with college football this year??? Kentucky is number 15, Missouri is number 20, and South Florida is 18, while Michigan and Notre Dame are nowhere to be found!! How could this happen???????????

3) What is wrong with LT???? 62 yards and no TDs this week? I can't keep hoping that McNabb is going to carry my fantasy team!!!

4) How in the hell did NY get to be 1.5 games out in the east?!?! This should not be happening.

5) The Rockies are on an 8 game winning streak, but are still 4 games out of first, and 1.5 out of the wild card. Keep it going Rocks!

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