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Good times. Did you know that all animals were vegetarians until Adam and Eve sinned? If you didn't, you should go to the new Creation museum to learn the way that things really happened. Hint: it's not what scientists want you to believe.

Ky. Creation Museum opens to thousands - Yahoo! News

The thing that I really fail to understand is why God would want all the animals to be vegetarians. Eating a plant kills the plant. Really, all the animals should have been fruitarians and eaten only things that would naturally fall from the tree and be dead. Eating a living plant is no better than eating a tasty bunny.


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4 thoughts on “A Museum to See”

  1. I was just talking with someone this noon that since we have animal liberation now, we should also start vegetable liberation, or fruit liberation, or something like that. @_@

  2. There's a long NYT article on this from last week or the weekend, too.

    Regarding your question about God liking vegetarians: eating fruit is like eating a baby, since you are destroying an entity which could one day become a whole new being. Fruit abortion is still abortion and must not be tolerated!

  3. Wow. I'm not sure whether to laugh histerically or to shed a tear for the poor souls who are convinced by this and the $27 million wasted on this museum... Mostly all I've got is "wow."

  4. A good friend of mine is a very hard core christian, and the waste of money these types of 'museums' is really pisses him off. That money could for instance be feeding starving people in Africa or being put to use to cure diseases. Thus on this I'm quite with my friend on the subject.

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