"Microsoft Takes on the Free World"

I don't think this has been mentioned yet... What do you all make of this?  Seems Microsoft has decided that open source software infringes on some 235 of its patents, and now they're sabre-rattling.  Think it'll go anywhere?


One thought on “"Microsoft Takes on the Free World"”

  1. It's just people trying to piss on each other. "My OS is bigger."

    It's fairly well estabilished that Microsoft is improperly using quite a bit of open-source linux code, and Linus stated that, if Microsoft tries to exercise it's idiotic patents, the linux community will fight back over the code that Microsoft has taken.

    One big issue is that the patent system has really gotten out of control. Patents were created in order to protect people who invented a way to do something better than had been done before. Lately though it seems like more and more people have been getting patents for trivial things like "a user interface device to close a modular window located equidistant from the upper titlebar corners." ie, a button to close a window located in the top center of the window instead of one of the sides. (I just made up the example, but who knows.)

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