Save Ca$h on Gas

1.  Just so you don't think I'm a manipulative punk, here's the legit tip - check out, which helps consumers share gas price information easily and find a better deal.  This is obviously more effective in metro areas (Manchester has a range of $2.88-$3.07), but don't forget about 5-cent-off-Sundays at Foodstop.

2. Sign a very (un*)popular petition against price gouging.  Honestly I thought it was mostly political posturing until I found out that the oil lobby is taking this very seriously - if they're nervous that means it'll actually do some good.

* unpopular for Dick Cheney/XOM/Valero/etc


Weekly Julian-Tavarez-sucks post

Well, with Posada hitting into a double play, his night is done, with a deceptively not-horrible line: 5 2/3 IP, 2 ER (but 4BBs and only 2 Ks?) ... but it sure wasn't pretty.  I guess that's all you can hope for from a 5th starter, to eat up innings and give your offense a chance to win it, but still, ugh.

Just to make clear this isn't a new opinion, I said it last year, too.  And we musn't forget Tim's proposal to trade him for a whole bunch of single-A prospects and see if any of them pan out, or failing that just try for a big box of crunch-n-munch.


People are pissing me off (funny version)

I was supposed to give a fluff talk this morning to 150 middle school students... of course, when I got in to work, there was an email waiting for me saying that I'd be bumped. This is exactly the same thing that happened last time I volunteered back February.

Cue bitching and moaning.

Then it turns out they needed an extra speaker to fill time at 1, so they asked me. I was almost pissed enough to say no, but I already had a talk written...

And, as a result, I got to hear the most amazing words come out of a scientist's mouth.

She showed this picture:
And then repeatedly said "This is a 747. Imagine you're in a 747."

Perhaps the clear labeling of A380 confused her.

Anyway, my short talk went ok. 150 middle school kids is about 100 too many though.

Now I have to get ready for a real science talk in front of post-docs, professors, etc. I'd prepare more, but the boat is already sunk.