Canada: Home to Pirates

Here's some interesting news. It isn't illegal to record a movie on your camcorder in Canada. I'm a firm believer in fair use... you should be able to back up your CDs and DVDs. But I generally think that if you want your own personal copy of some Lindsay Lohan movie, you should probably just buy the DVD.

As a result, Warner Brothers has decided not to show advanced screenings of movies in Canada so as not to give the pirates a chance to beat the full theatrical release. According to the expert in the artical, it shouldn't make much of a difference. "I think it's a thin slice of the population who actually goes to those preview screenings." Yup, it's only the pirates.

Warner Bros. cancels Canada previews - Yahoo! News


For the Boston fans...

...from Slate's ad critic and resident Red Sox nut Seth Stevenson sees his article on reasons to hate the Rocket from a couple of years ago revisited in the wake of the old mercenary's latest return to the game.

As ridiculous as Rocket's later career is becoming, I'll just remind everyone now of what Michael was mentioning the other day at lunch: Satchel Paige (another hometown hero from Mobile, AL) pretty much invented the neverending pitching career.

And now, a parting shot: all the Sox need to do now is hire Rickey Henderson to even things up against the old Rocket. I'm pretty sure Rickey's "retirement" is entirely open to negotiation. Rickey definitely thinks that Rickey should be playing again, do you know what Rickey means? 😛 Hah!


La Migra

I dunno what was up, but earlier tonight, when I was downtown here in Hanover, I saw an odd-looking cop car belonging to La Migra parked at the CVS, complete with agent chilling inside.

Not sure what might have brought him to our neck of the woods, but I was a little surprised by his presence in sleepy Hanover, since the last time I saw La Migra was down in Texas.

Weird, man...