Temperature Scale to Change

I was just reading about attempts to limit global warming by capping CO2 emissions.

Of course, the US, China, India, and Brazil are very against these caps because they mean that we can't burn as much gas as we want.

I really liked this quote though.

Science would appear to be on the side of the Europeans, who are lobbying for an international climate agreement limiting temperatures increases to 2 degrees.

It makes it sound like we're going to change the temperature scale so that the maximum change will only be 2 degrees. (Never mind the fact that it doesn't mention C vs F.)


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One thought on “Temperature Scale to Change”

  1. Heh, I really like your interpretation of a new unit where absolute zero is "zero degrees [unit]" and infinitely hot is "two degrees [unit]".

    That wasn't how I read it, but I like it. The part that got me was that they didn't mention F vs C, which is a big difference! stupids.

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