Papelbon hurt?

Given that Jeremy and I both came to this concern/conclusion independently, I'm afraid we might be on to something, esp. given that he's not being used tonight (and he's well-rested). Like I/we said yesterday, I don't like how his velocity was down (a loss in velocity usually indicate shoulder problems/loss in control = elbow problems). Timlin would likely serve as closer but now he's going on the DL, so who stands to get the ball in save situations? Okajima should close, but convention says that lefties don't close and plus Francona has stated that he's worried about overworking him. So, that leaves Piniero? or possibly Donnelly except he hasn't been as consistent as you'd like.


Funny headlines

1. Wolfowitz blames World Bank for "unclear rules".

Apparently the whole "give your girlfriend a crapload of $$$" is frowned upon in Europe? I mean, the US Govt is obviously fine with funnelling money to personal/private interests, so how could he have known?

2. Rapper arrested for drunk driving.

Wow, I can't top that. Even by noting that this happened a day after Eve wrecked a Mazerati. ouch.

3. Lohan has big plans for 21st birthday party.

So she's gonna do something different for a change? Stay sober, keep her knickers on, avoid flashing anyone, and... ? Ooops, just kidding: Lohan is excited by the prospect of going clubbing, now that her club-owning friends "don't have to worry about getting into trouble" for letting her inside, she told host Ellen DeGeneres. [watch video]