Since I couldn't convince anyone to come down here for the Preakness, I'm going to make a trip up to Hanover the following week.

Actually, Kirsten and I are both coming up to go to the Pompy tent sale to see if we can save some money on a table for our kitchen, but we're making a mini-vacation out of it.

So, Memorial Day weekend... anyone want to go out to dinner or ?


Juiced Baseball, cont.

Building on Tim's comments on Bonds, here's an interesting read from espenthemagazine, looking at the Mets' clubhouse drug scene. Completely unsurprising in a way, but still disappointing as a fan of the game.

No one spoke openly about shooting up, but it wasn't hard to guess who was on the juice. And no one was pointing fingers. Instead, the same question was often asked on planes, in bars, in card games: Would you take something that gets you a $20 million deal but eventually kills you? The usual answer: Sure, if I could help my family.