Ebay Sucks

I was just bidding on a wide-angle lens for my big camera and someone outbid me in the last 5 seconds.

Such a pain in the ass. On the other hand, it looks like there's another similar lens up now, so I'll just try bidding on that one instead.


Funny girl quotes on baseball

The title isn't meant to be offensive, just to get readers. Anyway, while watching the Sox game last night, K came up with the following list.

Things I Know About Baseball

  • Manny needs a haircut
  • in addition to needing a haircut, he is "good at hitting but shouldn't be a fielder because he is kinda like me, a little lazy."
  • "Pawsox!" it's fun to say. try it.
  • It's fun to cheer for Big Papi
  • There is lots of facial hair on this team. (Some more unfortunate than others)
  • "Hazel Mae confuses me - she looks like a news anchor but she talks about sports."