Hairstyles not to wear: the comb-over ponytail

Sadly, I don't have a picture since I was just walking up the stairs behind this gentleman. Still, I feel the need to warn everyone.

Here's what not to do:
1. Allow your barber to cut your hair such that you have a long patch of hair available to comb over the bald top of your head.
2. Fail to comb said hair over the top of your head.
3. Allow said hair to instead hang down your back.

The longer that I'm here, the more weird stuff that I see. On Friday there was a guy wearing a matching shirt and pants. By that, I mean that his shirt and pants were made of exactly the same material. In khaki. With a suit type thing, you want to make sure your jacket and pants match, but the same rule doesn't hold true if you're not wearing a jacket. Oooh, unless it's actually a jumpsuit. Now that would be cool


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2 thoughts on “Hairstyles not to wear: the comb-over ponytail”

  1. Your mission is to somehow acquire a photo of said fashion mistake. Really, you should collect all the Stacey fashion mistakes and post them... I'm sure someone with your connections could obtain a decently high-res spy camera. Who knows, you might not have to be sneaky?

    There's a favorite that K and I have here, a young-looking guy with big red hair and odd posture, and a tshirt that says "the party has arrived". ouch.

  2. If I was faster with the cellphone cam, I could have gotten a picture. I'm not sure if it's possible now though. There's a small conference going on, so the subject was a conference person, not a regular here.

    Yesterday was just an odd day in general. If you remember back a few months, I put up one blog post about some odd bathroom behavior: namely washing hands, getting paper towel, drying hands, then zipping up pants. Said person (I know who it is now) did it again. It makes me wonder if he has some irrational fear of getting the zipper of his pants wet or who knows what. I really don't want to know if he's flopping around up until the end.

    Of course, the only reason why I paid any attention is that said person also sounds like they have a prostate problem. It's a strain, grunt, trickle, strain, grunt, trickle process.

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