Pre-emptive Strike...

Now that I'm watching baseball again, the media circus that surrounds a certain NL slugger out in San Francisco is pretty diffficult to avoid. Most of y'all out there in blogland know that the record he's chasing is held by a hometown hero from my part of the world, so I'll go ahead and admit to a potential bias in my analysis.

That being said, I think a cursory review of their Wikipedia bios linked above should yield the mildly attentive reader to the obvious conclusion: any record Bonds breaks in the wake of the the BALCO mess and its fallout must be subject to at least suspicion, if not outright invalidation. Perhaps I'm overly-sensitive to this particular issue, and I know I'm too nostalgic, but, assuming that 50 years from now baseball isn't played by cybernetically-enhanced dope-fiends, I think history will add a big fat disclaimer to career of Barry Bonds.

Let's face it: assuming Bonds is guilty of even just the perjury that's he's been investigated for, they're keeping Pete Rose out of the Hall for a way less embarassing offense, so they should at least consider keeping Bonds out in that case, marketing appeal be damned.

Furthermore, Hank is a gracious individual who has consistently proven himself to be the best kind of champion; Bonds is has consistently proven himself to be a spoiled jackass - 'nuff said! Keep on hammerin', Hank!

Also, the Sox just finished sweeping the Yankees at Fenway - first time that's happened in 17 years, according to Remy! Let's Go Red Sox! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Pre-emptive Strike...”

  1. One more thing: Bonds left the players' union, so I don't see why they would particularly care to stick out their collective neck on his behalf. Hopefully, if the legal hammer (figuratively speaking!) should fall on him, they'll leave him to twist...

    Just speculating...

  2. This isn't terribly related except that (a) it's baseball and (b) Tim doesn't like Lou Piniella:

    We're nearly four weeks into the season and, despite the Cubs' troubles, Lou Piniella still hasn't been ejected from a game -- which is quite an impressive run by him. Here are the managers who have been ejected the most, with Sweet Lou taking the 10th spot:

    Bobby Cox (123)
    John McGraw (117)
    Earl Weaver (97)
    Leo Durocher (95)
    Frankie Frisch (82)
    Paul Richards (80)
    Tony La Russa (73)
    Clark Griffith (62)
    Joe Torre (58)
    Lou Piniella (57)

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