dactyl email

Those of you who use dactyl to send and receive mail might have noticed that the certificate expired this afternoon. Of course, since it only expires once a year, I can never remember how to fix it.

So, as a future note to myself:
it's the x509 stuff that's important.

If dactyl gives you grief about the new certificates, search for "certificate" in the blog and then follow the directions in that post.


Surprise, Surprise

Just when things looked bleak, I actually got an offer of admission for the University of Maryland!  I've been sitting on the news for a little bit, as the offer came April 13th.  I'm looking forward to being in the DC area, as I never took much advantage of the reasonable proximity when I was at Gettysburg.  All I've ever seen of DC was Ford's Theatre (granted, it was to see a play about the Civil War - titled "Reunion" - on the anniversary of the assassination.  Which was surreal, since at one point an actor portraying John Wilkes Booth jumps from *the* box and limps across the stage re-enacting the man's flight from the theater.), and the World Bank protests (2000?  2001?) our driver was specifcally told to avoid but drove directly through anyway.  I just wish I could enjoy the housing search, but 75+ pounds of big, wiggly, black dog make me nervous.

Mood : happy with a touch of anxious  Tv : Phillies vs Nationals