"How to Be One of the Distinguished Alumni"

...A new self-help guide due out this April by none other than yours truly, author of the popular recent works, "How To Not Break the Evaporator" and "Yeah, I Think That Might Explode". 🙂 Highlights from this new release include:

 1) Arrive a day early for your presentation to enjoy another night in the swanky on-campus apartment normally reserved for visiting professors and artist-in-residence types.

 2) Enjoy a day of meeting with familiar faces and catching up on all things, punctuated by free lunch at the faculty club with current students, the presentation you're ostensibly there to give, and dinner with faculty that evening. Bonus! Pick up helpful job search and career advice from sources both likely and unlikely along the way.

 3) Enjoy additional night in swanky apartment before catching flight back home. Time everything right to include visits with other friends and such in the area while visting alma mater.

...and the list goes on!

 Yeah, so it's been a good trip so far. Meeting with more professors until 3 PM, then it's talk prep time, SPS meeting with Sigma Pi Sigma inductions, followed by my talk at 4 PM, which I finished the PowerPoint for this morning while visiting the nanotech class taught by my friend from Rice, Jen, who's now a prof here. Visiting with former profs has been great, and several of them have already given me enough free career advice to remind me that the mentoring relationship never really ends...