Coach Rob, we'll miss you!

A real class act from the pantheon of great college football coaches passed away earlier this week.

For those of y'all who aren't familiar with Grambling and its deep tradition of football greatness, you might know of Eddie Robinson as the coach with the best record in college football at the time of his retirement in 1997. As a further metric of the man, here's a couple of examples of the sort of wisdom he was famous for, from the USA Today article:

His credo: "You have to coach 'em as though he were the boy who was going to marry your daughter." He added a corollary: "You can't coach 'em if you don't love 'em."

As a final note, the homegrown coverage from Louisiana is particularly good.

57 years as head coach at Grambling (with an amazing record of 408-165-15), shepherding hundreds into the NFL, inspiring thousands, fighting Alzheimer's for the last 10 years - may he rest in some well-deserved peace...


"How Dirty Are We?"

Direct copy from Paul's email, posted by me since he's lazy:

From: Paul.D.Nation@Dartmouth.EDU
Subject: How Dirty Are We?
Date: April 2, 2007 10:12:14 AM EDT
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I have no idea why this ranks your dirtiness but I can't say no to an internet quiz. So far the top score is held by me with a dirty dirty ranking of 350.60, followed closely by Dan with 340. These can easily be out done by you overachievers out there.