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It sounds like EMI has put its money where its mouth is and released DRM-free songs on iTunes. (Well, as of May.) Even better, the sound quality is doubled (128 kps AAC to 256 kps AACfile). Of course, there is a downside... the tracks will cost $1.29 each although album prices will stay the same. You don't have to re-buy songs that you really like either, you can just pay the 30¢ upgrade cost and get the new songs. And, the 99¢ version will still be available.

Pretty cool.
And just the first of my trifecta of posts this morning.


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2 thoughts on “More iTunes News”

  1. damn, you beat me to this one. but yeah, the whole thing is pretty sweet: a good move for EMI and a great one for AAPL. talk about leverage, and the appeal of portability... nice.

  2. My hope is that they reveal an option like "search for my purchased music that is now available in a better format" to make it easy to upgrade your songs.

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