More iTunes News

It sounds like EMI has put its money where its mouth is and released DRM-free songs on iTunes. (Well, as of May.) Even better, the sound quality is doubled (128 kps AAC to 256 kps AACfile). Of course, there is a downside... the tracks will cost $1.29 each although album prices will stay the same. You don't have to re-buy songs that you really like either, you can just pay the 30¢ upgrade cost and get the new songs. And, the 99¢ version will still be available.

Pretty cool.
And just the first of my trifecta of posts this morning.


Document release, cont'd: Man rules

How to Know Your Lady Has Reached "Girlfriend Status"
They reach "girlfriend status" the moment they leave something at your house and it isn't an accident. During those first few weeks, they always try to leave things and pretend it's an accident, like a dog marking its territory ... but once things progress and you have a conversation that includes the sentences "I thought I'd leave a couple of things here for when I sleep over" and "OK, that sounds like a good idea," then you have a girlfriend. That's the bottom line.

General Guy Code (second question down)
Three No-Brainer Rules: There are certain codes that guys live by. I've mentioned many of them in this space over the years -- stuff like "If you're sharing a bed with someone in Vegas, make sure you remain at least two feet apart at all times," and "If your buddy's team loses an especially tough game, you can't call him to make fun of him under any circumstances." But there are three codes that supercede all others. Here they are:

1.) You can't be attracted to your buddy's sister.
2.) You can't be attracted to your buddy's girlfriend.
3.) You can't be attracted to your buddy's ex-girlfriend if he had genuine feelings for her.


Classified documents released!

In a fit of brilliance, ESPN has decided to release the entire Bill Simmons archive to the public, instead of the "everything older than 45 days required Insider access bullshit." Needless to say, I got absolutely zero work done in the lab yesterday (although some progress was made on my cooling simulation.)

For those unaware of the addictive substance that is the Sports Guy Column, I'll include a few nuggets below. But first a confession - I have been pretty hard on Schilling the past couple years, unfairly so. Yes he has toolish tendencies and is a huge ham/glory hound, and lobbied for Dubya, but the fact is HE CAME TO BOSTON AND WE WON A WORLD SERIES! so I need to chill out. Remembering back to when he signed, I was on cloud nine for a month. All this was brought back to me by this column from the ALDS vs the Angels, back before he was gimpy and I was guiltily complacent.

And just to get you hooked:

The Ewing Theory: how a team can actually improve/win when the star gets hurt.

The Four Beer Analogy: (scroll down ~3/4 of the column)
Let's say you're hitting a sports bar with your buddies for Monday Night Football. You could have two or three beers, throw down some chicken wings, play some Golden Tee, wager on the home team, bond with your boys, then head home when the outcome has been decided. Or you could do everything from above, but keep throwing down beers until you're bombed and someone has to drive you home. Either way, it's going to be a good time. Well, unless you have four beers. That kills you. You're not sober enough to drive home. You're not quite drunk enough that you feel like you really let loose; if anything, you're more groggy than anything. And you drank just enough that you'll have trouble getting up for work/class the following morning. The next day, you always end up wishing you had more beers or less beers. Just not four.