New idioms

Two of the blogs that I read just had contests to provide new idioms and replace worn-out cliches.

Some of the phrases are worth noting.
From The Morning News:
The hand moves the mouse. (You're responsible for your own mistakes while using a computer.)
Throw down some flowers. (Buy flowers only to get out of trouble.)
If a bird can't fly, it walks. (Get off your ass and do something.)

From Defective Yeti:
I'm not the hero of this story. (replaces "Always a bridesmaid, never the bride.")
The porn is deleted. (replaces "The coast is clear.")
Boot souffle. (replaces "Knuckle sandwich.")
Trying to find a clock in a casino. (replaces "Looking for a needle in a haystack.")
Jeeves in a Google world. (replaces "Playing second fiddle.")
You poop it, you scoop it. (replaces "You made your bed, now sleep in it.")
and my favorite
Wants birthday cake on Christmas. (replaces "Looks a gift horse in the mouth.")


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