Big Ups to Madhu...

...who successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis at Rice today! 🙂

I believe that Madhu summed it up best in his e-mail to me: "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I am done. everything went more than better."

Hard to top that, folks. Plus, we got ourselves a new superlative phrase: "Everything went more than better." Define it however you like it to be defined, just be sure to use it. 😛


2 thoughts on “Big Ups to Madhu...”

  1. I do like that, "Everything went more than better." I'm going to use it to counter my standard negative phrase, "Less than ideal." Of course, in the context that I first heard "less than ideal", it was a surgeon talking about how early hip replacements inhibited bone production and often resulted in amputations...

  2. Yeah, that's a pretty super piece of wording that needs to enjoy more popularity. You're right Nathaniel in that it's a good opposite to "less than ideal" or the more juvenile "less than awesome." Maybe it's just the UK influence, but I appreciate the understated approach.

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