I know Nick is in, but who else is?

Jimmy Buffett
Foxborough Stadium
September 9, 2007
Tickets on sale this Monday, 2/26.
Nosebleeds start around $44/ticket, mezzanine is only about $70 (both prices before adding Ticketmaster's fat cut of taxes and fees, of course).

I'm going for sure; let me know if you're game, and we'll coordinate from there. 🙂

Fins to the left! Fins to the right! 😛 All y'all Parrotheads in blogland (closted or advertised, either way) should speak now or forever hold your peace.


3 thoughts on “I know Nick is in, but who else is?”

  1. We can get pre-sale tickets. Peters has the password. I'll hit you up tomorrow about it. Pete Bak also was interested. I think I might be more interested in forkin out a little more money and getting floor or first level seats, but can discuss later...

  2. Yeah, that's quite a good list. As Nick and I were talking about earlier, I think that something better than upper deck seats would be nice.

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