Interesting Item #2 From Yesterday

After I got done talking to Kirsten, I went through the day's mail and found a letter from the job that I had before I went to Dartmouth. You could tell from the outside that it had a check in it, and I was figuring they must have screwed up some paycheck far in the past and now owe me 31 cents.

It was actually a lot more fun than that. I didn't know it, but there was some big class action lawsuit on behalf of all the temporary community college instructors in Washington state about health insurance. Apparently, they were supposed to cover health insurance for the summer even if we only worked for fall, winter, and spring quarters. It didn't really matter to me at that point because I was covered by Kirsten's health insurance. At some point recently, the state decided to settle. My share of the settlement was a whopping $730.


Unfortunately, that money is going to the plumber to finish the kitchen project.


Interesting item #1 from yesterday

Kirsten was flying from Dallas to Buenos Aires yesterday. Her flight took off at 7:30 Texas time and she was supposed to arrive and give me a call in the morning at about 8 am.

So I was a little bit surprised when I got a call at midnight.

Check out where her plane actually went:
Transponder Path of AAL997 Yesterday.

You can see that they said, ok, we're flying, now lets turn towards South America. Hmm, there's something wrong with the pressurization system. Ok, STRAIGHT line to Miami.

It ended up being not that big of an issue other than the police car fire truck escort to the gate once they landed. American had a new plane ready to go in about an hour and the new plane had fold-flat sleeper seats in business class. She said that's the most rested she's ever been after a flight.