Funny Forward

There's a pretty darned funny e-mail forward about silly exam answers that's been circulating lately, and I thought I'd share the essential parts of it here for the amusement all y'all out in there blogland. I'm sure most of us have graded similarly funny work at one time or another:

Yeah, that's not really what "explain" means.

Not wise, kid.

Seems like an honest misunderstanding to me, at least worthy of a sympathy point for the artistry.

Doesn't seem all that wrong to me, but I'm no biologist...

This is hilarious; I've felt that way more than once.

Awesome. Just plain awesome.

As John said, "They could have totally gotten this one. Stupid elephant."

Somebody's been watching too many telenovelas, me thinks.



Nerdy but cool

While browsing the Physics Focus archives, looking for Andy's feature item, I also came across this little nugget, which I think is neat.  Basically, when things get really cold, their thermal de Broglie wavelength gets bigger, and once you get into the low micro- to nano-Kelvin range, this starts to be comparable to the waist of a laser beam, so the beam is no longer a plane wave and you get neat lateral effects.  Nothing surprising, but tricky to observe kinda cool.