Two quick issues from the web.

First, there's a group on facebook called "Make Genocide History" or something similar. Whenever I see the title, I always add a "by ..." to the end. Depending on the day, the ellipses get replaced by a method and a ethnic group. It's never pretty.

Second, Korn and Amy Lee just collaborated on an live version of "Freak on a Leash." It is one of the worst things that I've ever heard. I kind of like Korn, but their music lives and dies by the heavy crunching guitars in the background. Take that away and you have nothing. The video was a bad idea too since it's now very clear that Korn's lead singer is a vaguely puffy looking middle-aged guy who looks like you'd see him coming out of a porn store and say "oh, that's so sad."


New Grooves to Dig On...

To quote the most awesome Keanu, "Whoa."

These guys just finished tearing the roof off on Letterman. Definitely caught my attention while channel-surfing.

Think I've got myself some new music to explore. More about them at their traditional website and MySpace pages.

[poke jenn]
Given their provenance, I figure it doesn't hurt to ask about any opinions on these guys from our favorite local Australian?
[/poke jenn] 😛