Facebook "Gifts"

Actually, I have two issues with facebook at the moment.

First, my current crap picture has gotten so many comments that I feel I can't replace it for a little while. It's a shame because I have other new and insane pictures.

Second, there's a thing to give a facebook gift now. Really, it just lets you put an icon on someone else's page. Among the people on my friends list, the naked troll seems really popular.

Of course, there's also a box with a hole in it. That's the obvious choice to give to just about anyone. However, since I only have one box with a hole to give, who do I give it to? It seems wrong to give it to just about any girl (Maybe Andrea though?). Maybe one of you folks should have it. So, Chris, John, Michael, Nick or whoever, any of you want a box with a hole?


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4 thoughts on “Facebook "Gifts"”

  1. Feel free to rotate the photos. The current one is quality but don't limit yourself, dude. I do agree about the box-with-hole dilemma, how do you pick one friend? (Unless everybody conspires to make sure that everybody is assigned to someone, like secret santa. Or, as they call it in Hastings, England, "secret squirrel". If you ever want to see Karli laugh her butt off, ask her about "secret squirrel.)

    Anyway, I think Andrea is a great solution to the problem, she definitely gets the box with a hole. 🙂 Good thinking!

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