Prom photos, 2007 ed.

The photos can be seen here until I can find the proper directory on dactyl, then they'll be linked off the main page. Nathaniel, can you help a guy out?

I'm still taking other submissions, who else was taking photos? Jenn, Andrea, who else?


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"O Whisky! soul o' plays and pranks! Accept a bardie's gratfu' thanks! When wanting thee, what tuneless cranks Are my poor verses! Thou comes-they rattle in their ranks, At ither's a-s!" Robert Burns - "Scotch Drink" 1785

6 thoughts on “Prom photos, 2007 ed.”

  1. I think that Brian took a bunch of pictures too. He has some of them up on facebook now.

    I'll get you that directory pronto.

  2. Ok, there's a link on the front page of dactyl now and I abused my root powers to make set things up in your home directory.

    Basically, just make sure you put everything in ~/public_html/formal2007 and it's very important that the html file is named index.html. Alternatively, you can name it whatever you want and put in a soft link (via the command line) from your file to index.html. It's easier just to name it index.html.

    I haven't touched up your html, but it looks like there are a few issues with linux noticing the difference between JPG and jpg.

  3. final message: I touched up the html code myself since it was just a simple search and replace.

    The link on the front page should work.


  4. thanks for the help, guy. I don't mind the root priveleges abuse, but just this once. I should have renamed the files, but I was lazy and didn't notice it until after I'd batch converted the thumbnails, anyway. oops.

  5. It took me all of a minute and a half so I thought it would just be easier for me to do.

    Notice how the bottom of the page says "Jimmy Chong eats boogers!"? I added that special.

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