Big Ups to Madhu...

...who successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis at Rice today! 🙂

I believe that Madhu summed it up best in his e-mail to me: "Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I am done. everything went more than better."

Hard to top that, folks. Plus, we got ourselves a new superlative phrase: "Everything went more than better." Define it however you like it to be defined, just be sure to use it. 😛


Cutting to the punchline...

So, there's this guy who runs a blog about Marmaduke. I bought one of his t-shirts the other day and as a kitschy thing, he was offering everyone a crappy drawing on a 3x5 card of whatever you want. It's surprisingly hard to think up something creative on the spot.

Anyway, since you probably won't see the card itself (or the "Marmaduke is an asshole" t-shirt), here's a link to the picture.

Joe Mathlete Will Draw Anything You Ask Him To: "The Hubble telescope being attacked by aliens and mice"



For those not paying attention this afternoon, consider yourself lucky. The markets were not fun to watch, with the worst loss since the post 9/11 restart.

One interesting element of the selloff was an instantaneous 200 point drop in the Dow at 3pm, a result of trading blocks being removed and queued-up sell orders taking effect.  Since the market recovered a little from that point, and it looks as though global markets are keeping losses to a (relative) minimum, we should be able to "look back on this and laugh"... but it's kinda interesting to think about how such an "equipment glitch" could have stimulated the kind of panic that we saw 80 years ago.  (Maybe not too much a stretch since China's margin situation is similar to what we had back then?)

</nerd>  sorry, i just thought it was worth mentioning.


Kite Battle - To the DEATH!

Ok, this is kind of cool. Just imagine people standing on their rooftops flying kites back and forth trying to knock down other people's kites.

Now, imagine people falling off their roofs, firing guns in the air, and accidentally cutting off 7-year-olds heads with glass-coated nylon strings.

Can you imagine how much shit would hit the fan if this festival went on the in the US?

Killer kite festival battle for Pakistan's soul - Yahoo! News


Small Sedans

Here's a good topic of discussion...

I've been browsing cars since it looks like a new 2008 Audi TT isn't going to be in my future. I've come up with a list and I'm currently taking votes and suggestions for other things to consider.

The current list: (in no particular order)
Mini Cooper S
Audi A4
Saab 9-3

Runners up:
a BMW 3-series
some sort of Lexus

Does anyone have ideas on what other cars I should look at? And are there really no good American cars being made?


Slow blog

People must be busy. Has no one seen an interesting web page or a piece of news that made them say "huh?" No comments about the fact that John's facebook profile no longer says "single"?

Admittedly, I'm not really leading by example, but I'll have pictures of the kitchen project from before we bought it to [almost] finished tonight.

I'm really looking forward to being able to wash dishes again instead of using paper plates.