filthy rich = more & better sex?

That's the shocking result of a survey of people with an average net worth of $89 million, and who make more than $9 million per year.

"The majority of men and women credit their private wealth with achieving a better sex life. When viewed separately, a larger percentage of women agree with the statement, perhaps indicating that females derive a greater degree of empowerment from their financial independence than their male counterparts," according to Hannah Shaw Grove and Russ Alan Prince, two well-known researchers on the habits of the rich and famous.

(They have middle names so they must be very knowledgeable when it comes to rich people.)

More surprising (or not) items (after the break):

  • 84% of rich women and 63% of rich men say having money means having better sex.
  • Nearly 93% of women cited higher-quality sex as the greatest sexual benefit of personal wealth -- and the biggest benefit overall to being rich.
  • Having sex with multiple partners simultaneously was less important to both genders, but more than three times as many men cited it as a benefit than women did.
  • 72% of wealthy women say they have now joined the "mile high club," 33% of men say they have had sex in flight.

Note that almost all of the people have their own private jet, so they're cheating.


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8 thoughts on “filthy rich = more & better sex?”

  1. hhmmmm... if 72% of wealthy women have had sex in flight compared to only 33% of men, who are these women having sex with? poor men? each other? the pool boy? a small number of wealthy men who have have sex in flight with a large number of wealthy women?

    i know it's more likely the case that men in this income bracket outnumber women by around 2:1, or at least if this were true i wouldn't be surprised. i'm making the assumpution that once a person attains the status that comes with an average net worth of $89 million that one is most likely not slumming it with some dude they met at club elektra at ladies night last thursday.

    i'm actually more disturbed by the this fact: "According to "The Monogamy Myth: A Personal Handbook for Dealing with Affairs," 60% of men and 40% of women will have an extramarital affair." call me old fashioned but that seems a little high, don't you think?

  2. Kirsten got a book last year called "The Secrets of Six-Figure Women" and it suggested that the number of women making over $100K is actually amazingly small, especially if you compare to the number of men making that much.

    So, if you have 72% of wealthy women in the mile high club, only 0.7% of the men would have to be members for everything to be equal. The other 32% of men had mile-high sex with girls they met at club elektra. 🙂

    I'd actually sort of believe the affair statistic. Figure that half of all marriages end in divorce and a lot of those divorces are caused by affairs. And then there are all the other affairs that are either never found or end up being forgiven. To take celebrities as an example, how many divorces have you heard of where there wasn't another women?

    The real trick would be to find a prostitute and ask what fraction of her clients are married or not. I do think that there's a lot more going on behind the scenes that most of us realize.

  3. Ok, last comment. I find it very interesting that more of the wealthy women had had affairs than the wealthy men. I wonder if that's indicative of the idea that a lot of those men probably have hot young trophy wives while the women are largely having to settle for middle-aged guys.

  4. Sounds like we have a volunteer to do some research? 🙂

    But yes, I agree that the percentages are probably a bit skewed due to a smaller female sample size and to the relative lack of "hot young trophy husbands", Demi Moore not withstanding.

  5. I think your reasoning is very sound Nathaniel. Who wouldn't want to have an affair when they're married to a middle-aged guy?

  6. I was saying something along those lines. But seriously, for most people, affairs have very little to with the attractiveness of other potential partners.

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