How would you feel ...

if one day, as a senior in high school, your future could not look brighter. Recruiting letters from collegiate programs looking for schollar athletes pouring in, graduation around the corner. One night of partying and somewhat questionable decision making, that would be par for the course for most teens in this country, can send you to jail in Georgia... for 10 years.


Ah, American Idol

I can't help it, I've been watching the audition episodes.  I love them more than anything right now.  It's just so refreshing to see people crazier than I am.  New York City is proving especially batty.  I just watched this girl completely spaz out, because they turned her away, when she ADMITTED she wasn't a singer and that her friends all told her she was tone deaf.  Anyway, then she goes off out in the waiting area with all the other people, shouting how the judges went out drinking the night before (it's the second day of auditions in NYC) until 3am, and how "rude" it was of them.  Having seen the first day of auditions, though, I can't blame them at all for it.


Dang Dartmouth Downtime

That said purely for the alliteration. I'm more concerned about the power outage that just happened.

No offense to the blog, but dactyl is most useful to me as a mail gateway that works no matter where I am. (Once I get a T-1 to the house, that might change... but I don't think Kirsten will approve of me spending ~$400 a month for the connection.) Power outages really get in the way of that usefulness.

Carina stayed up on its UPS. Maybe I just need to get one for dactyl. (nope, too much hassle. and I don't hassle the hof.)


First Pluto, now the Penny?

Rising commodity prices may (finally) result in the death of the penny - currently the face value of both the penny and the nickel is less than the value of their material, leading to the possibility that people will collect and then melt them down.  Don't believe it?  How about all the stories about thieves who break into houses and steal ... (wait for it) ... the copper wiring!  And the U.S. Mint is taking this seriously enough that last month it issued regulations limiting melting and exporting of the coins.

Anyway, this could mean all those pennies in your piggy bank could be worth five times their current value soon, says an economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago... The best solution, Francois Velde said, would be to "rebase" the penny by making it worth five cents rather than one cent. Doing so would increase the amount of five-cent coins in circulation and do away with the almost worthless one cent coin.  "History shows that when coins are worth melting, they disappear," Velde wrote.