Women in Science

After reading a web page linked from Zosia's facebook account about the limited number of women in science (and specifically physics) I did some thinking yesterday. This is my thought: contrary to the popular conception, I do not think that some failure of equality or instruction is the cause of the bias in graduation rates of men and women in the sciences. Obviously, there will be some specific cases to the contrary where idiots have told their female students "physics is too hard for girls." However, I claim that the actual difference is one of opportunity --- and women have more opportunity than men.
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American Scientist Stamps

In the vein of the most recent showing of the Feynman lectures, starting today at 1:00 PM, I just recently found out that last year there was a set of "American Scientist" stamps put out (shown below). scientist stamps

Pretty cool ... in a nerdy kinda way. However, if you don't like the above scientist choices, there was a set of unreleased alternatives ...

scientist stamp parody

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