You Might Be an Astronomer If...

Found this site while putzing around following links tonight.  Figured I'd post it, since there's a few of us on the blog.  My favorite one off the list?  You know all the different stages of sleep deprivation.  My favorite stage of sleep deprivation is of course the one in which EVERYTHING is just the funniest thing you've ever heard/seen/read.  Like being drunk without paying for the alcohol.

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2 thoughts on “You Might Be an Astronomer If...”

  1. A few times at MDM I ended up falling out of my chair after telling myself a funny joke. Yup, sleep deprivation isn't all bad.

    I have to take issue with the page though. There's one about the curvature of space-time being easier to understand than gravity waves. Gravity waves are easy to understand, they're just like water waves only on the top of the atmosphere. Gravitational waves are trickier... but then you're just looking at the curvature of space-time again.

    Ouch, it's kind of sad that I actually do know which star is the armpit.

  2. i admit, i had to look up which one meant armpit. i'm sure i've heard it before, but i'd forgotten. if i'd given it a few seconds of thought, i should've figured it out on my own. of course, i can never remember whether betelgeuse or rigel is at the shoulder anyway, short of actually looking at orion... i suspect now i will, though. i'm all over the greek/latin names, however. but i cheated, with all those years of latin and greek.

    as for sleep deprivation, i recall late one night suffering a giggling fit for at least a good 5 minutes because someone farted in the control room while i was out in the dome, and was it ever rank when i came back in.

    then there was the week that i spent HOURS watching the ants march in and out of the control room, carrying off the larger carpenter ants we were killing, just finding it to be the most fascinating thing in the world. i think i watched for 3 solid hours as they tried to carry off the leg of the giant mutant grasshopper too.

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