Random Trivia

This is what I learn from watching West Coast NBA games while waiting for other crap to finish downloading: most minutes played without a 3-pointer:

Robert Parrish:   39,940 minutes, 0-6 3pt FGA

Dikembe Mutombo: 35,242,  0 for 2

Michael Cage: 29,716 and 0-25  (that's pretty impressive, really, there should be a stat for worst percentage ever, and I think that going oh-for-25 is pretty tough!)

Dale Davis, 29,382 minutes and 0-8

Bill Cartwright 27,491 and 0-2 (you mean, there were shooters on that Bulls team besides old Bill?)

that's all for now.  Oh, and can I just say that when we fire Joe Buck and Joe Morgan, can we somehow honor Bill Walton?  He's a lot of fun to listen to, doesn't matter the subject.