The Joys of Spam...

...the junk e-mails, that is, not the culinary delight. Anyways, this is the content of the HTML file attached to an otherwise blank message (subject line = "Refinance calculator") from a certain "David Amazing":

"Thank you for your loan request, which we recieved yesterday. Still paying too much for your current mortgage?
Great News, your refinance application has been accepted!
Bad credit OK, We are ready to give you a $378,000 loan, after further review, our lenders have established the lowest monthly payments.
Please visit the confirmation link below and answer only a few questions.
Stop fighting for lenders let them fight for you! Make them work for your business by giving you the lowest rates around!"

A couple of things:

1) I love how I never even applied for any loans, but these geniuses claim to want to give me almost $400k, sight unseen. Awesome! I'm so taking it and running off to Mexico or somewhere else that thinks extradition is a dirty word. And yes, to all y'all sticklers out there: I know better, I'm just running their absurdity to it's logical endpoint for the sake of a few laughs. They started it! 😛

2) "David Amazing" is an awesome name. For a superhero. Or at least a really cool dog or something.

3) One of Mr. Amazing's superpowers is very obviously not perfect spelling. Or marginally decent grammatical construction, for that matter.

Well, I'm now sufficiently amused, at the expense of a spam-bot. Time to go be productive again. 🙂


Worst roads ever

A few days ago I was talking to one of the other postdocs here and he was saying how bad the roads in Baltimore are. Frankly, I don't think the roads here are that bad at all. A LOT of them need to be repaved, but they're laid out half-ways well and most of the people driving know what they're doing (or if they don't, they're at least semi-friendly about it.)

That made me think about the worst driving places that I've ever run into. My immediate thought was the intersection of Western Avenue and Soldiers Field Road in Cambridge, MA. In the intersection, traffic can be going any one of three ways depending on the light. It's not a big deal when traffic volume is low (as in this picture), but as soon as someone gets stuck in there trying to make it on the last gasp of a yellow it jams up with cars pointed every direction.

I like how you can see a guy rowing on the Charles.

What do all of you think the worst roads are?


A great plan foiled

If you read Slashdot yesterday, you might have seen a blurb about "People paying for friends on MySpace and Facebook."

At $0.99, I figured that it was worth a try. 🙂 I was going to do a blog post about how funny it was that a random robot was flirting on my wall.

Unfortunately, it looks like they just got shut down before they could do any business, so I don't have a good story.

My $0.99 did get refunded though.