Insane Watch

This is just repeating from a different blog, but it's sort of amazing that someone would come up with this. I'm not sure it's amazing as in "really cool" or amazing as in "fucked in the head."

The gist of it is that the watch gives time as the number of hours + the number of 15 minute increments + the number of minutes. Of course, the different regions aren't neatly separated just to add extra obfuscation.

Check it out.

LED geometric patterns to tell the time.


Travel Ugliness

For those unaware, holiday travel is off to a pretty sucky start. Denver Int'l Airport closed yesterday and is still closed, due to ~2 feet of snow - Nick was due to fly home this morning and says that the earliest flight is Sunday, via SF. On the other side of the pond, dense fog has all three London airports running way behind (as well as Manchester and Cardiff), and all domestic flights to and from Heathrow are cancelled for today and tomorrow. ugh.


More facebook oddness

One of the random friends that I've picked up on facebook (she grew up in my home town) just posted a bunch of Christmas pictures which show her in front of the Christmas tree, in the kitchen, etc.

No, that's not the odd part. The odd part is the pet deer walking around the house with her.

It raises all sorts of questions... do deer make good pets? what do you feed a pet deer? how did they even get a pet deer to begin with? Also, the deer didn't have on a diaper or anything, so can deer be trained to use a litter box or hold it until they go outside?


Facebook Friend Game

Here's an impossible time-waster thanks to facebook. If you go to your friends list and then click "friend game" at the top of the page, you can answer trivia questions about your friends. Things like "Which of your friends has "hardcore industrial techno" in their favorite music?" with a list of names after the question.

Of course, this gets to be a problem when someone has entered "almost anything" under their favorite music. I ended up at about 10% correct answers. Yes, that does seem to be worse than randomly picking.


Having collaborators isn't always great

On one hand, I met the famous Jay Anderson of Rice last week and he's a very nice guy who ended up helping me out a lot. In that case, collaborators are good because you can use other people's knowledge instead of inventing the wheel yourself.

But there are seagull collaborators too, they fly in, squawk a lot, shit on everything, and then leave. If you keep score, it's really surprising how many good collaborators a seagull one can negate.

There's one Italian guy in my group who sent me a two page email this morning. On the negative side, he called a bunch of things that I did "a nonsense" but then logically said what he thought should be done instead. The end result was extremely positive.