Caveat Bicicletadora!

Apologies for the hacked Latin above, but I figured since a Latin word for bicycle would be difficult to suss out, I'd go with a mish-mash of Spanish and Latin, since it seemed like it'd be close.

Anyways, y'all women bicyclists out there in blog-land beware: lots of bike riding can result in reduced genital sensitivity. [Journal article here.] No loss in functionality was observed, but the sensitivity thing seems like a pretty big deal to me.

Apparently, the case is worse for us male-type folks: there's evidence of too much biking leading to decreased sensitivity and impotence. Maybe I should spend more time on the rowing machines and less time on the exercise bikes for cardio this winter...

Courtesy of Slate's always interesting Human Nature column.


Baltimore--here I come.

So it turns out that I can't live without Nathaniel.  I know, we've all been saying that, but for me it's the dog gone truth.  Infact, it has gotten to the point that Brian is sending me to Baltimore to spend the day with him.  And I'm leaving tomorrow.  Brian is paying my $230.00 airfare, plus food and airport shuttle expenses (I hope), to pester G-dog about crowded field photometry.  Anyway, if anyone wants to jump in my duffel bag, give me a holler.  But you can't distract him from teaching me crowded field photometry--NO PLAYING SQUASH OR POKER until I've had my way with him.  🙂