Good Times in Pike and Wayne Counties

I spent the weekend at my friend Jeannette's in Hawley, PA, where she's living as an employee of Pike County. She's a land use planner, so of course she knows all the fun parks/lakes/etc to visit. We cruised around Pike and Wayne Counties (Hawley is actually in Wayne County) on Saturday, visiting Shohola Lake and Falls, Masthope Mountain (home of Ski Big Bear), and the Roebling Bridge at Lackawaxen, originally a suspended aqueduct designed by John A. Roebling (most famous for the Brooklyn Bridge) that was part of the old D & H Canal, but now a one-lane bridge across the Delaware River into New York. We also went shopping in Honesdale, also in Wayne County, but that was far less interesting.

I got a nice photo and movie of the falls, and we made an interesting discovery at the lake. Apparently if you skip a stone across a frozen lake, it makes a really awesome sound.



Blog traffic is pretty slow lately it seems. Granted, I don't have much interesting to post, but Soapbox is not currently facilitating my procrastination needs. I've had to resort to working! I'm not sure how I feel about that ...