Acrobat 8

Just so that people know, Adobe released a new version of Acrobat the other day and it seems much better than the previous version. When Acrobat 7 came out, it always pissed me off with how long it took to open. Acrobat 8 starts up amazingly fast.

It's definitely worth checking out. Especially since it doesn't cost anything. And it's a standard of how to distribute text.


News recap

(1) An American Airlines flight was forced to make an emergency landing yesterday... due to farting.  Apparently, some (super-smart) woman decided to cover the stink by lighting matches.  The smell of sulphur/burning matches somehow worried other passengers.  yeesh.

(2) Norway decided that stripping is art, and therefore is not subject to a 25% VAT.  let the comments ensue.

(3) There's water on Mars!  Oh wait, actually it could be any liquid, like CO2.  Or just really fine dust. dunno.