Free Money!

all you have to do is diet every other day.

I heard this ad while listening to the Sox game last night. it's probably crap, but $1,000 isn't insignificant.

[goes and does 15 seconds of Google-research]

okay, back now. here's the deal.

This "study" sounds half gimmick and half like a new product needing success stories.

You start off paying $150 for "enrollment", 3 months worth of daily vitamin supplements and 1 month's worth of vanilla wafers. You eat wafers plus unlimited fruit and veggies every other day, and eat normally on your non-diet days. You can pre-order a second month's worth of wafers for $60, and every additional month is $75 (not sure what the vitamins run, but I can't imagine I'd bother with them beyond the 3 months). At the end of 3 months, you get your $1000...I anticipate a catch.

They theorize that you will reduce your calorie consumption in half by dieting this way (I think more like 30%), and by eating normally half the time, cravings won't pile up on you. Also, there's a plateau-avoiding/breaking theory where you vary your calories by 10-20% every day around your target consumption, and this seems to incorporate that.

Anyway, I've gotten no weight loss results from 2 months / $600 worth of personal training and this plan costs $6-7 a day compared to $10-12 that I spend on take-out food - this would be a bargain even if it didn't work and I didn't get the "study" money.


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  1. yeah, that bottom paragraph is really pretty funny - fundamentally all diets/health efforts fail due to lack of self-discipline, and a personal trainer+junk food somehow doesn't work too well.

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