Pocket Rockets

Looking at the games these last two weeks, I've concluded that poker is crap. Well, at least two-hour games are, anyway - sometimes you have good cards and you win $$, sometimes you don't and you lose. The only question is how much you can take advantage of the good times and limit the losses, since the law of averages really doesn't work over only 2 hours. Last time I got really nice cards, played relatively tightly, and doubled my cash, but there have been months where I never saw an ace.

Anyway, Wojciechowski has some funny newbie comments on ESPN's Page 2, in particular this quote made me chuckle:

Hellmuth reviews his top 10 favorite hands to play, his betting methods, his theories on reading an opponent. "The difference between the great and the greatest is the ability to read the opposition," he says... I take lots of notes. And perhaps one day I'll actually understand what most of it means. Reads? I've been married to my wife Cheryl for 10 years and I still don't know that when she says, "Really, honey, I don't need anything for my birthday," that it really means, "Tiffany's. Blue box. If you don't buy it you'll be eating corned-beef hash for the remainder of the millenium."


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  1. Well, everything that I've read before has said that the really good poker players don't win any more hands than anyone else. However, they maximize how much they win on the winning hands and minimize their losses on the losers.

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