a big turn-off

As a sidenote, how nice is it that one can now eat dinner outside and it's not too cold even after the sun goes down?

Anyway, this evening there was a shallow, girl-watching moment as all present admired a particular combination of skirt, legs, and hips. Their owner then lit a cigarette which was deemed a good thing as it completely ruined any attraction. I have a number of friends who smoke, and it's not really a huge deal, but having hooked up with a smoker (yes Nathaniel, hooked up with) it's really an awful thing to experience up close...


pet peeves

grr. i wish people would learn to park. there are three or four spaces i had to drive by because people parked crooked, or just parked when there was still snow obscuring the lines. move your damn cars!


Poker WTF!

Well, maybe poker two nights in a row isn't a good thing. This was my worst night... ended up with 30 cents.

The good thing is that everyone got made fun of... even Scott, who was just going out for no particular reason.