yeah, so.....

the bastards at the shelter shot me down. AFTER torturing me all weekend with whether or not my landlord show up before the monday 6pm deadline. fuckers.

annoyed doesn't quite cover it, but there's no face for "pissed off because i'm being discriminated against for being a grad student".


6 thoughts on “yeah, so.....”

  1. So you were able to go with your landlord and see how they got along? hrm. 🙁 that's not cool.

  2. no, i was supposed to go in to see how the dogs got along right about now. but after i called them this morning to say that he turned up and we'd be in around 5, they called back and emailed me, asking to call them back. when i did call back, they said the adoption for chesden was denied, because dartmouth doesn't allow people to bring in their dogs. which i addressed on saturday when i visited chesden, and also addressed when they said it over the phone. when i said it over the phone, then they pulled out the "this dog needs to be in a home with another dog, and the other dog in the house isn't yours, so when you leave blah". which i took to mean, we're going to find a reason, any reason, to not give you this dog.

  3. Seems worthwhile to go in person and fight the dumbasses face-to-face? Bring a signed note from the landlord or get him to come?

  4. i'm composing an email at the moment. if i go in and directly confront them, i'll just cry, which doesn't help at all.

  5. Oh. maybe chris has some buddies from strong island who could pay them a "visit"?

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