Relationship = 2 episodes?

O.C. bitching....

Finally, when Marissa starts to become appealing, she then starts thinking of getting back together with Ryan (they will soon win the contest for "most boring couple ever"). And I wanted Zach to be mad at Summer!! His "I didn't think you'd make it past security" was lame -- so why are you taking her to Italy if you don't think she likes you?? And I am seriously mad at Sandy for putting up with Rebecca for so long. Oh well, at least Seth was charming. Oh, and why can't any of these characters stay together for more than 10 minutes???


5 thoughts on “Relationship = 2 episodes?”

  1. Seems to me (as per the Page 2 article) that they're making a mistake by bringing the parents into the "love chaos" theme. You definitely need a rock about which the kids can be stupid, and Sandy's character shouldn't have been remotely interested in Rebecca. (Although, I totally understand the wanting to take care of a poor girl from his past...)

    And while I don't directly know about the Marissa/Alex breakup, I'm bummed about that. It seemed like a nice little love story happening, too bad.

  2. Well, there's no breakup yet between Marissa and Alex. There's just the tease in next ep that Marissa might still be interested in Ryan. But since Marissa and Ryan are "destined to be together" I can see the breakup happening soonish.

  3. stupid destiny, who thinks that? oh well. maybe that was the point of her mom saying something along the lines of "everybody goes through that phase"?

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