(Hopefully) My Puppy!

his name is chesden, and he's an absolute sweetheart. 7 or 8 months old, german shepherd/labrador retriever mix. if my landlord shows up by monday at 6pm, and i can get him to the shelter with his dog Grits so the shelter people know i'm allowed to have a dog, and that the dogs will get along, this beautiful boy is mine. well, it's possible they may be able to hold him longer, but if people are interested in him, they can't hold him past that. *sigh* i hope i get him. i'm tired of not getting what i want, and i've already missed two other dogs that would've been great.



2 thoughts on “(Hopefully) My Puppy!”

  1. Hey, no worries, it'll turn out ok. 🙂 the department hasn't had enough puppies recently anyway. 🙂

  2. well, my landlord has returned. i asked him about ches, and we're going to go tomorrow at 4:30pm to introduce his dog to ches. i just have to call the shelter after class tomorrow to tell them i still want him and that we'll be in. hopefully they let me have him, because when i was in yesterday, they told me the adoption supervisor had "concerns" about my application because i'm a grad student, and time as a grad student is finite.

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