paris hilton perfect for this one

I'm not even going to re-state the argument, hillary does a great job.

Date: 21 Feb 2005 13:13:11 EST
From:Hillary C. Cain
Subject: paris hilton has been cast
as a principal in a horror movie. which is so *brilliant*! it's like cashing in on everybody's irritation/disgust with her. she is the *perfect* victim for a scary killer!

I don't want to see it, the movie, or anything, but I appreciate the astute thinking behind her casting : )

seriously, they got it right this time. 🙂



Doesn't look like I'm going anywhere for a few hours. Unlike up in NH, we're going to get around 8 inches this morning. It should stop by 1 pm or so though.

I was hoping to go to Dan's thing too.


dammit, not again

well, still haven't been able to sleep. so i'm pretty much not going to now. i have to get up in an hour and a half. today's gonna suck, cuz i have to somehow find the energy to start and finish my e&m homework with enough time leftover to get a good night's sleep, assuming i go skiing tomorrow. that remains to be determined.