trashy and inappropriate

ok, so last night i was bored and taking a break from work, so i checked out the iTunes music video section, and was surprised to see that Lindsey Lohan has a couple out. I didn't really realize that she had songs? silly me. Anyway, I'm trying to make this sound not sick, since she's like 16 or something, but she's actually kinda cute. Not "hot as in I want her" but cute as in "I think pretty girls with freckles are a bonus."

oh, and i guess i should try out the "insert image" link... beer


Images in the blog

I just added one other gizmo too, now that we seem to have some speed.

When you're writing new blog entries, look up at the top right side of the screen, and click on the "insert image" link. It should make it simple to include pictures in your posts.

Let me know if it works. 🙂


A Problem Fixed?

Everyone, if you've had problems in the past with the blog seeming slow, could you try it again?

I did some fiddling with apache (which actually serves the blog content) and I think that the things causing the delays might be gone. I just need to know if the fixes work for everyone or just for me.