Real world

Having talked to and read articles from people I trust, I had the impression that North Korea knew what it was doing, and there was at least some brinksmanship. This is interesting.

I like the line "one can


Pizza thoughts

so yeah, Saturday's events reminded me of the uneven playing field that exists in pizza-land. Domino's sucks. Having gone to undergrad in the midwest I'm still a fan of Papa John's. When I was younger we used to favor Pizza Hut, but I'm not that impressed these days. Ramunto's makes a really good pie, as does C&A's, not so much EBA's.

Papa John's


Poker thoughts

(a) As mentioned previously, I have no big problem with two-gender poker games. What we did learn from Saturday, however, is that tables of 4-5 are way way way better than 7. So maybe the idea of two tables could be applicable to the normal 2 hour nights? Similar rules of optional switching every (half-?) hour, maybe no forced switching? Anyway, just a thought.

(b) I think that "costume" items - cowboy hats, sunglasses, etc - are silly, but that's the point, right? For me anyway, poker night is all about having fun and chilling with "the guys" (which can mean male & female), and taking oneself too seriously is a bigger problem than the reverse.

(c) we totally need serving girls. For the ladies, you can have a serving guy, I suppose, but I'm not really turned on by the thought of a guy walking about in a thong. 🙂

(d) I had forgotten how much Domino's pizza really sucks. [this will be continued on another post, here.]


Million Dollar Baby

This isn't a review, it's a piece of instruction.

If you want to see the movie that will win the Academy Award, you need to see this movie. Go right now. If you need to be in class, or need to be working, it doesn't matter. Go to the theatre and demand that they show it to you.


I could use some help?

Apparently all "O.C." comments live in the books category, so that's where I'll put this one. I just got off the phone with K (and at $.19/minute to a cell phone in the Canaries, that's really not too bad) and she said the boat's new addiction is the O.C... one of the guys got the first season's dvds and now she's hooked. So anyway I need some help with catching up so that I know what she's talking about.

Her comment about Seth: "at least he makes things interesting instead of the show being one big cliche." and "I could see how he'd get annoying [in season 2] but for now we're just getting acquainted".


The big game is done!

And after 6 hours of playing poker, I'm ready to not play for a week or so. I thought the game worked out pretty well though. We had two 4-person tables and switched people back and forth every couple of hours. Throw in 6 pizzas from dominos (which cost very little thanks to the 555 deal) and you've got a decent day.

A few realizations:
1) Eight people breathing in a fairly small apartment results in very humid air and a lot of heat. When everyone left, the temperature was 3 degrees higher than the thermostat setting and the [cold] toilet tank was dripping condensation.
2) Six hours of poker playing actually isn't that long.
3) Playing 4 or 5 people at a table is better than playing 7 people at a table.
4) I need to get some Italian sunglasses to make me look cool. (not really poker related, but true)
5) If there were girls who wanted to play serious poker, I'd let them play.