More Rules

in honor of Valentine's Day

Rule 1004: Any plan to have sex at a point more than 12 hours in the future will be thwarted.

Rule 1005: Only women know if they're going to be having sex more than an hour in advance.

(1005 is actually a viagra joke)


[soft] Porn in iTunes [edited]

This is a little bit involved, but mostly worthwhile...

1) Open iTunes, go the music store and click the link on the left for "music videos"
2) Sort by genre and click until you get to "Dance". Now play Eric Prydz's song "Call on Me" Go for the large size.

NEW: Michael managed to find a direct link, so instead of doing all the stuff above, just click this link: Eric Prydz - Call One Me

Once you've looked at that, watch the movies in the comments.