jewelry explained

From the Oregonian...

Jewelry gifts make a heartfelt statement, whether it's a simple token of affection or a grandiose display of passion. For example, silver earrings might say, "I like you a lot," whereas an eight-carat purple diamond ring announces, "Without you I shall waste my life as an empty shell of a man." Or, er, "I'm sorry, baby."


things that suck: point-counterpoint

why it sucks to be an experimentalist: I'm stuck here sitting on my butt taking data, when I would rather go work out or goof off or something. And I can't just put it off until later b/c all the data needs to be taken in one set so as to minimize drift/thermal effects.

why it doesn't suck: kinda like running code that actually works, my "work" tonight consists of sitting on my butt reading/writing blog entries while turning a knob every 5-20 seconds and recording some values every 12 minutes.

[which is much much better than trying to read tricky papers about mott phase transitions and banging my head against the wall.]


More things that suck

This could be worse, but anyway...

I've spent all of the afternoon trying to copy a HW solution set so that it makes some sense. It wouldn't be so bad except for the fact that a lot of the problems are really long and the existing answer set was written with, um, marginal handwriting.

It's getting old.