troubleshooting procedure

i recently helped a buddy set up his military-issue field sink (intakes water from a trash can, filters/heats it to supply potable water, and he set it up in his dorm room). while there were a number of entertaining elements, my favorite is still the "Operator's, Organizational, Maintenance Manual of Sink Unit, Surgical Scrub, Field", with subsection of "operator's troubleshooting procedure"

Table 3.1:

Malfunction Test or Inspect Corrective Action
1. Pump will not
(b) Foot pedal not
 Depress foot

maybe it's just me, but man i got a good laugh out of that...


Fun Tracking Packages

Michael said something about how much fun it is to track packages, and I have to agree. My iPod shuffle got shipped yesterday (oddly, from Ontario) so I've been checking it over and over again.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it's going to be here until Wednesday.

And Kirsten's already said she's probably going to steal it.


random musings of an insomniac


so, it's 3:30am and i'm still awake. i haven't started my e&m homework yet, and it's due monday. i missed the last three classes cuz i've been asleep. i hate not being able to sleep like a normal person.

i was just watching "what not to wear". i wish someone would give me a $5000 shopping spree, preferably in boston.

and, while i think it's really just the heat, it sounds like there are little rodent feet scurrying around over my head. i'm having flashbacks to mdm.